Pooja Bumper Kerala Lottery Result 2023 BR-94 Draw 22.11.2023

The Pooja Bumper Kerala Lottery Result is a bumper lottery organized by the Kerala Lottery Department. The results of the lottery will be declared on November 22, 2023 at 2:00 PM. The first prize of the lottery is Rs. 12 crore. The lottery is available in 5 series: JA, JB, JC, JD, and JE.

KN Balagopal, the Finance Minister of Kerala, launched the Vijayadashmi bumper 2023 lottery, which is run by the Kerala State Lottery Department.

The Pooja Bumper bhagyakuri is a special lottery released during the time of Navaratri, a 9-day festival held in honor of the Hindu goddess Durga. Navaratri is celebrated in various parts of India, including Kerala.

It is a time to worship Durga and celebrate the feminine. In the northern part of India, this festival is also known as Dussehra.

Pooja Bumper Kerala Lottery Result BR-94

Lottery DetailsPooja Bumper BR-94 Lottery 2023
Date22 November 2023
Time2 P.M.
SeriesJA, JB, JC, JD, JE
First PrizeRs.12 crore
Lottery Ticket PriceRs. 300/-

Kerala Pooja Bumper Live Result 2023 Prize Details

The Pooja Bumper is one of six bumper lotteries held annually by the Kerala State Lottery Department. Each lottery is represented by an alphabetical code, and the Pooja Bumper code is “BR” followed by the draw number.

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